News Feature

How Gina Riley moved on from Kath & Kim to turn Real Housewife of Open Slather When comedian Gina Riley watched The Real Housewives of Melbourne (“I’m obsessed, obsessed!” she says), one character stood out. It was Gina Liano, the barrister with huge hair and formidable drag queen style.

Michael Veitch Interview

Michael Veitch opens up about the good ol’ glory days and his new role in Open Slather. NEWS: Why do you think it’s been so long since we’ve seen sketch comedy on Australian television? VEITCH: “It’s funny how these shows tend to come and go in waves. I don’t know why some of the recent…Read more

Jane Turner Interview

Jane Turner opens up about her comedic past and her next big role in Open Slather. NEWS: When did you know you wanted to be an actor and comedian? TURNER: I knew as a child that I wanted to be an actor. I never really knew I wanted to be a comedian, but I love…Read more

The Sydney Morning Herald Feature

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Kathryn Kernoghan welcomes back Australia’s comedy greats for more laughs. By his own reckoning, if Glenn Robbins’ latest project were a meal, it would be a casual barbecue rather than a lavish feast. “Sometimes you can plan a Christmas dinner and you walk in, all the cutlery is there, it’s all…Read more

Stephen Curry And Shane Jacobson Interview

Foxtel Insider sat down with Shane Jacobson and Stephen Curry to chat about Open Slather and the show’s impressive alumni. INSIDER: What was it like to work with the comedy alumni of Magda, Glenn, and the like? STEPHEN CURRY: The general feel is don’t stuff it up. Often in this industry, you are only ever one job…Read more