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Balls Of Steel Australia Series 1

Balls Of Steel Australia Series 1 Cast
Balls Of Steel Australia Series 1 Cast

Watch out! BALLS OF STEEL AUSTRALIA has arrived and nobody is safe!

The Chaser’s Craig Reucassel hosts the exclusive brand new local version of BALLS OF STEEL, one of the highest ever rating programs for THE COMEDY CHANNEL. The anarchic BALLS OF STEEL AUSTRALIA sees guest comedians and comedy characters performing stupid, dangerous and ill-advised stunts on the general public in an attempt to impress a studio audience and to lay claim to the title of having the biggest “balls of steel”.

Reucassel will be joined in each episode by a rotating door of fearless performers who show the audience a recording of their daring stunts. Craig’s pranksters are always keen to prove themselves, whether it be by performing death-defying stunts, holding their nerve during hidden camera set-ups, or behaving stupidly in the presence of celebrities. At the end of each episode, the audience vote for the winner of the coveted BALLS OF STEEL AUSTRALIA trophy.

Resident characters in the Australian series include “Nude Girl” who just can’t seem to keep her clothes on, James Kerley, the game show host from Hell, Paris Hilton wannabe, “Fame Whore” J’Anus, confused gay newbie “Just Come Out”, the boyfriend hunting “Bunny Boiler”, and everyone’s nemesis “The Annoying Devil”. But there’s more, we’ve even tempted popular British BALLS OF STEEL cast member and public-aggravator Neg to Australia to perform his “Urban Sports” on unsuspecting Australian victims.

BALLS OF STEEL AUSTRALIA is a 10-part series produced by Southern Star Entertainment’s Courtney Gibson and Johnny Lowry.

The Cast of Balls of Steel Australia Series 1
The Cast of Balls of Steel Australia Series 1


Neg creates a new urban sport involving hot chips and seagulls. Fame Whore unveils her celebrity sex tape at an inappropriate location. James Kerley hosts a survey-based game where all the answers are rigged and Nude Girl surprises a series of sports instructors.

Neg throws a shrimp…and everything else at a Barbie with his BBQ bowl off, James Kerley tortures game show contestants with his evil Price Game, Bunny Boiler takes up couple’s photography and zooms in on someone’s boyfriend and two audience members take the Bucking Bronco Back, Sack and Crack Wax challenge.
The Annoying Devil enjoys a day at the beach with his son, prices and everything else come off when Nude Girl goes shopping, Neg commandeers other people’s games with his new urban sport “My Go!” and Just Come Out has a gay time of it hitting on straight men.
James Kerley rigs the buzzers on his new game show to ruin his contestant’s day.  Neg terrifies swimmers with his new urban sport, “Shark Attack”. Fame Whore causes a big stink with her new celebrity fragrance and a fearless audience member takes on the Buck’s Night Challenge.
James Kerley takes a contestant for a spin in his Car of Cash; the Very Foreign Correspondent takes to the beach. Bunny Boiler gets a little too personal in a personal training session and the Annoying Devil causes mischief in Melbourne.
Flatmate Wanted tries to find a room mate who is comfortable with her unusual solo habits. James Kerley presents a game show where he insults the guests. Neg plays a new sport called “Urban Bouncing.” And Fame Whore tries to score some free bling and a limo ride.
Neg throws burgers at unsuspecting strangers. Nude Girl gets her kit off in a series of job interviews. Very Foreign Correspondent reports on Melbourne taxi violence and Just Come Out goes cruising for some man candy.
James Kerley presents a game show where the price is always wrong. Neg acts crazy to get people to move. Bunny Boiler takes saucy photos of someone else’s boyfriend. And an audience member gets beaten up by female boxing champ Lauryn Eagle.
James Kerley drives contestant’s nuts with a faulty buzzer. The devil annoys people in the street. Flatmate Wanted reveals a racist streak and the Bunny Boiler tries to pick up another girl’s bloke at the beach.
James Kerley drives into trouble in the Car of Cash. Neg gets up to some more "urban bouncing". A brave studio member eats some disgusting stuff. And Just Come Out goes looking for love in a rug shop.