5 Times Ilana Wore Hilarious Outfits

5 Times Ilana Wore Hilarious Outfits

If you’re no stranger to Broad City, you’re well aware of Ilana’s impeccable taste in fashion. It was a hard task, but we’ve compiled a list of her most hilarious choices in fashion so you can take a trip down memory lane before Season 4 begins. We can only expect them to get even better!

1. The Chain Belt.

An absolute fashion statement only the highest of designers could DREAM of revolutionizing. Ilana completely pulls it off and somehow makes it look completely normal. However, it proves not to be so practical in the episode…

2. The Fixed Crop

Want to wear a long shirt but all you have washed and hanging up is a crop top? No problem! Just grab a marker in a similar colour and go to town colouring in your stomach! Not only will you be rocking some epic Ilana fashion, but you will have had fun colouring in! It’s a win win.

 3. The Beanie Baby

This look is quite self explanatory. Tired of your old relatives asking why you don’t have kids yet? Easy fix, strap a beanie baby and wear it like a child. No one will want to ask. Again, it’s a win win. You’re welcome.

4. The “it doesn’t all have to match.” 

You’re right, it doesn’t! If something feels good, makes you feel confident and looks bomb af on, wear it! Forget the rules of fashion, make your own. You could be one weird not matching outfit away from creating something truly iconic.

5. The Hair Pencils 

A look that says, “I don’t have any stationary at home so I’m trying to smuggle as much out of work as I can without it being weird.” Not only will you be looking fierce and flawless, it’s practical too! Friend needs a pencil? Sorted. No hair ties? Sorted. Pencils to the rescue. Give it a month and this look will be all over the runways. Don’t say you didn’t see it in Broad City first.

  • Rebecca Plumridge