5 Times Things Went Horribly Wrong For Abbi

5 Times Things Went Horribly Wrong For Abbi

It’s no surprise that Abbi from Broad City is extremely unlucky. If she’s not trying her hardest to make a living off her artwork or doing something as simple as trying to use the bathroom – it’s not an easy task if you’re Abbi. We counted down our top five times things went horribly wrong for Abbi in Broad City.

5. Her artwork being sold for all the wrong reasons…

Yep, it’s one thing to sell your artwork to an absolute creep.. But it’s so much worse selling it to a Christian dating website that only intends on pairing white couples together.

4. When she lost her phone in a club

In a truly iconic moment, Abbi hits it off with a hot guy only to have lost her phone and not be able to actually text him. Usually you pretend to lose your phone so they can’t call you. Except this time, she wanted to.

3. Getting air lifted while using the toilet.

It’s one thing to be desperate enough to track down a porta potty but it’s another to be disturbed while trying to do your business. It’s not totally irregular for a kid to come along and tip you over maybe, but being air lifted in a crane while still in there? Horrible. Hilarious! But very horrible.

2. Her awkward, immediate exit

Any female over twenty will be asked this question at least some point in their lives. Whether it’s by an intrusive family member, friend, or in this case stranger. In true Abbi fashion, she pulls the most relatable move in history and rolls straight out of the situation.

1. Her mic drop moment was taken away from her. 

Everyone dreams of the perfect mic drop moment, and Abbi is the QUEEEEN of serving them. However, this one takes a very awkward turn for the worst when she’s walking out and is asked to come back and sign the receipt. Yiiikes my face hurts from cringing.

Broad City returns to The Comedy Channel September 14th EXPRESS From the U.S

  • Rebecca Plumridge