Everything We Know About Broad City Season 4

Everything We Know About Broad City Season 4

It’s less than a month to go until our favourite kweeeeeeeens return to The Comedy Channel, so we thought we would break down the trailer and work out everything we know about the new season to prepare ourselves!

The first thing worth noting, is that the girls (Abbi and Ilana) have said in various interviews that Donald Trump’s name will be bleeped out whenever mentioned as a running gag. The show also got rewrites due to the assumption that Hilary Clinton would have won. Alas, we’re in for some comedic brilliance nonetheless.

Abbi and Trey are still together????

According to the trailer, there’s a shot featuring Abbi and Trey getting down and dirty, which means it’s either a flashback – or the pair are still potentially seeing each other. The somewhat secret relationship caused a bit of a fight between our two main gals, but it looks as though they’re past it! Hoes before bros.

Lincoln Returns

We see a Ilana and Lincoln locking eyes in what looks like that line in the song closer, “Four years no call and now i’m lookin’ pretty in a hotel bar.” Will it be an awkward encounter? Probably not considering they’re the most open and honest people ever. It’s exciting that he’s still in the show though!

Guest Star Galore

Some of the best celebrity cameos ever have come out of Broad City, including the likes of Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen, Whoopi Goldberg and more. This season is no different, just from the trailer we see glimpses of QUEEN Shania Twain herself who we know the girls w o r s h i p (rightfully so), Wanda Sykes and Rupaul

A Protest 

Not only is the show bleeping out Trump’s name, but we also see Ilana cussing him out before masturbating, followed by Ilana blowing smoke in a pro-life protesters face. Amazing.

Ilana Pegs

One of the most truly iconic moments in Broad City history is Abbi taking a stance and giving pegging a guy a red hot go, and by the looks of the trailer it looks as though Ilana is going to get to give it a turn this season, and if you know Ilana you know how much joy this is going to bring her.


There’s a tiny moment we see both the girls getting needles stabbed into their precious faces. I’m not sure how this could possibly come about, except maybe perhaps being a quick way to make money, or they’re panicking about growing another year older. If anything, you could tell me they’re doing it for a dare and I’d believe you. Don’t put anything past these gals.

Best Friends

Above all, regardless of all the crazy situations they end up in – they’re best friends. The trailer is full of moments only best friends share together, such as ripping off the others fake nails and going to Florida. That’s totally normal best friend behavior, right?

One thing for certain is that season 4 is going to be absolutely wild, there’s no doubt about it.

Catch Season 4 Of Broad City EXPRESS from the U.S September 14th 8:30pm on The Comedy Channel

  • Rebecca Plumridge