Everything You Need to Watch in January on Comedy

Going outside in January? Nah, forget that. We’ve got all the best shows coming express from the US right here:

Just For Laughs Australia Season 6

Thursday January 10th at 8:30pm – only on The Comedy Channel

This one’s a must-watch! Just For Laughs Australia Season 6 will feature comedy favourites, Matt Okine, Rove McManus, Becky Lucas, Peter Helliar, Cal Wilson, Troy Kinne, Fortune Feimster, Nazeem Hussein, Nikki Osbourne, Steve Byrne and Reggie Watts as well as performances from stand up superstars and Colin, Brad and Greg from Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

Corporate Season 2

Wednesday January 16th at 8:30pm – Express from the US

Life’s full of surprises. They’re rarely good. Corporate follows junior execs-in-training, Matt and Jake, at Hampton DeVille, a heartless corporate hell hole led by tyrannical CEO Christian DeVille and his top lieutenants. As Jake and Matt navigate an ever-revolving series of disasters, their only ally is Grace, a Hampton DeVille Human Resources rep who is beleaguered by both her job and her exhausting relationship with the (very needy) guys.

Teachers S3 (Part B)

Wednesday January 16th at 9pm – Express from the US

In the last ever episodes, our fave teachers show their hilariously warped perspective – six primary school educators trying to mold young minds, even though their own lives aren’t really together.

Future Man Season 2

Thursday January 17th at 9pm – all episodes available On Demand from 17th

Season 2 picks up in 2162, and Josh, Wolf, and Tiger learn that their season one mission to stop the cure from getting out didn’t work. In this timeline, Stu Camillo is now in power, having created the cure, and launched a plan to relocate humanity to Mars. A shadowy organization called the Pointed Circle seeks to recruit Josh to take Stu down – but are they the good guys, or is Stu? As Wolf quickly acclimates to the strange customs of this time, Tiger struggles with her Biotic identity and searches for an escape. Josh unites the team in an epic plan to save the world, but their time-traveling catches up to them, and they must reckon with their choices and what to do next.

Broad City Season 5

Friday January 25th at 8:30pm – Express from the US

It’s the final ever season! Abbi and Ilana are broke and flawed, and they don’t shy away from the sticky situations NYC throws at them – they dive right into the muck. No matter how bad it gets, these broads are always down with whatever hits them.

The Other Two (New show!)

Friday January 25th at 9pm – Express from the US

An aspiring actor and his sister Brooke, a former professional dancer, try to find their place in the world while wrestling with their feelings about their 13-year-old brother Chase‘s sudden rise to internet fame.