Natalie Tran on the Slot

Natalie Tran often confuses herself for Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and other models.

Although she possesses many skills including lying about her typing speed, Natalie is mostly known for her online comedy videos. Her videos are comedic videos made up of monologue and sketch and are focused around the awkward every day moments we all suffer.

After starting her Youtube channel in 2006, she has since created over 400 videos with her channel receiving more than half a billion hits and over 1.8 million subscribers. To be fair, these are probably all her mother clicking repeatedly because she believes Natalie lives off her clicking the ads.

Facebook: natalietran.communitychannel
Instagram: @realnatalietran
Youtube: communitychannel
Twitter: @natalietran